Our Story

In 2014 Michael Slosar and Joe Mitchell founded Branded Web Services LLC with one goal in mind: to make mobile apps achievable to every person on the planet. They spent many hours deliberating how to achieve this and by mid-2015 Develapp® LLC was launched.
By 2017 Develapp® was already on its third generation of software and bolting in many powerful features. Building and publishing more apps for more customers led to us redefining our customer service. Although it was easy to build apps, the ever-changing rules and challenges associated with the app stores set Develapp® on a path to shield clients from those headaches.
When 2018 arrived, Develapp® was ready to unleash the largest software and service advancement since inception. MonumenT was released in the middle the of the year and Develapp® rapidly propelled the awareness starting in the Asia Pacific.
Now, what started as a small venture between two friends has grown into a global family with offices in three countries. Develapp® serves businesses, web developers, agents, partners, and non-profits in 26 countries, and is constantly expanding into new markets. Our continued commitment to features, industry-leading service, and the most flexible cost-effective mobile app solutions has allowed us to achieve our original goal: making mobile apps attainable for every person on the planet.

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