Reach 100% of Your Audience
100% of the Time.

Say goodbye to noisy, restrictive platforms and meet the next best thing in communication.

Every business is different.

Every staff, every leadership structure, every audience, every growth goal faces unique strengths and challenges – but one thing is always the same: communication matters. At Develapp we’ve built a powerful communication tool wrapped in cutting edge technology.
Skip the hassle and cost of mobile application development while uniting audiences in a simple micro application nested into the first communication driven over the top (OTT) platform.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3!
1) Subscribe to a private micro application environment and invite users to follow.

2) Manage users with secure data transparency without restrictions to validated reach.

3) Schedule push notifications, send direct messages, and nurture audiences using a variety of forums.
It’s always free for your followers to use any of our OTT platforms! Audiences can browse micro applications within Develapp or navigate directly to you, providing 100% opt-in agreements to receive messaging and to communicate with brands they follow.
Just like users know to search for businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, users will soon include Develapp to search for brands they care about most. The unique communication features of these micro application environments sets the technology apart while maintaining familiar user experiences like posting, liking, and following curated content. Add the Develapp logo in your marketing and call to action efforts to consolidate your audience into your micro application.
Once you subscribe to a micro application environment, you will receive an invitation for onboarding. A Develapp representative will guide you through configuration and train you on how to access the features from your mobile device. Setup fees may apply to some organizations, but we hope to make it as easy as possible for you!