The World’s Only Micro Application OTT Network for Schools

What is this exactly… We have released a network just like many streaming services (like AppleTV, FireTV, etc) that allows you to syndicate what you choose, from its original source, and control the access permissions. This allows your audience to select your micro application, request permission, and interact with you.

Communication with Accountability

Communication doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. EdLink allows every administrator, teacher, and staff member to utilize community walls, private messengers, and push notifications. EdLink can also provide you a complete forensic footprint of these communications if accountability needs to be addressed.

Endless Customization

EdLink promotes complete customization of your micro application which allows you to control what parents, students, teachers, and administrators can follow, see, and interact with. These controls make it easier to deliver hyper-personal experiences that go way beyond any tools you are currently utilizing.

Freedom, Security, and Zero Bias

EdLink, is the first network that gives you complete freedom. You will never have a suppressed reach like traditional communication services, and you have all the controls inside your micro application. This prevents bias, outside influence, and inappropriate content.

Community Walls

Community walls are perfect for every classroom or department at your school. Go beyond bias social media walls with your own public and private social media platform. All the controls, 100% exposure, re-engagement push notifications, and more.

Private Messengers

By using private messengers, every parent can chat with the teacher, principal, or coach easily and securely. In addition, there are restrictions in place that prevent parent to parent or student to student messaging so you can rest assured all conversations are controlled.

Push Notifications

Frustrated with SMS and Email notifications falling short... Now your micro application has a full push notification service that promotes complete flexibility. Whether its weather, emergency’s, sports, or even teachers needing to send reminders to parents, this can all be done quickly as easily.

OTT Feeds

With OTT Feeds, you can syndicate any content source you have directly from where it is stored in real-time. This is great for websites, sports sites, document access, grading logins, and attendance logins. In fact, within seconds, you can syndicate practically anything that is accessible on the internet.

The Future of Fundraising Has Arrived

Your micro application is unique and allows you to build a very large controllable audience. Much like a packed football stadium, but with the exception that you have access to that crowd 24/7 365 on their phones. This opens the door to amazing advertising opportunities for sponsors, local businesses, donors, and more. In minutes you can upload a banner, adjust its visibility, and even syndicate your advertisers preferred landing page. Best of all, you’re in full control of what you charge and how you collect your money. Simply put, School, Class, or Foundation fundraising made easy!

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