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What is the FCA Micro Application OTT Network

We have built a network just like many streaming services (like AppleTV, FireTV, etc) that allows you to syndicate what you choose, from its original source, and control the access permissions. This allows your fans to select your micro application, load it, and interact with you.

Customization at Your Fingertips

FCA promotes complete customization of your micro application which allows you to control what your fans can follow, see, and interact with. These controls make it easy to deliver hyper-personal fan experiences that go way beyond traditional social media.

Complete Freedom with Zero Bias

FCA, believes that your fans are yours for a reason. You will never have a suppressed reach like traditional social media, and you have all the controls inside your micro application. This prevents bias, outside influence, and third parties from monetizing your loyal fans.

Community Walls

Go beyond bias social media walls with your own public and private social media platform. All the controls, 100% exposure to your fans, re-engagement push notification, and more.

OTT Feeds

Our OTT Feeds allow you to syndicate your music, merchandise, websites, social media, and live streams. In fact, within seconds, you can syndicate practically anything that is accessible on the internet.

Advertising System

FCA puts the power back in your hands and the money in your wallet. In minutes you can upload a banner, adjust its visibility, and even syndicate your advertisers preferred landing page. Best of all, you’re in full control of what you charge and how you collect your money.

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