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Take control of building a stronger relationship with your fans without algorithms filtering content based on what is best for them. Inviting your fans into your own app channel allows you to meet real fans with high impact data insights.
Launch as many private, hidden, or public feeds (for example, YouTube channels, ticket sales, merch stores, etc.), community social walls, and notification groups with messengers. Customize each experience and moderate push notifications and chats based on your terms.
Tired of having to start over with every social media or fan building platform? With FCA the fans and content you build grows and goes with you. FCA allows you to seamlessly connect all websites and tools you use in one environment, but after you build up your fanbase we can help you with a stand-alone app. Seamlessly we can migrate everything, no more rebuilding! Ever!
Why pay advertiser to only reach a fraction of your fanbase when you can market your content directly with 100% reach every time? When you manage revenue, billing and direct access to your fanbase nothing else stands in your way.

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Combine the value of social media and email marketing without the hassle or limitations. Segment your audiences in ways that matter most while liberating your content from third party restrictions.
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