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ISD Connect is making communication faster, easier,
and more user friendly between districts, staff,
parents, and students.

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Control and Flexibility Meets Functionality
WALLS Turn on a community wall for every classroom to unite parents, teacher, and students in a safe private and controlled environment.
CHAT Seamless ability for teachers and parents to chat through your app channel directly to eliminate frustration and communication failures.
FEEDS Synchronize any third-party connect like school websites, sports, social media, distant learning feeds, directly in real-time inside your app channel.
EVENTS Re-engage, and notify parents, students, and staff through push notification. Whether its closings, emergency’s or general changes in your environment your app channel allows direct immediate re-engagement.
PRIVATE Every feature inside your app channel can be set to private. This allows you to control who can join, see and participate at all times easily.
HIDDEN Utilize the same features you provide students and parents for staff and district only with hidden mode. This allows you to hide internal groups, feeds, events, and communities and assign access to the correct staff members.

Free Access for Parents and Students

Once your app channel is setup it is immediately accessible and in the app stores

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