Announcing a Revolution in Application Development

Announcing a Revolution in Application Development

Application development has earned its reputation honestly. It’s a fantastic asset to have – IF you can afford it, IF you can maintain it, and IF you can navigate the ever changing landscape of Apple and Google Play store policies. 

As the global economy shifts and more and more entrepreneurs enter the market, for many those are too many IF’s to worry about. From one entrepreneur to another, Michael Slosar, CEO of Develapp, is bringing in the next wave of access to application development with the application-as-a-service model introduced by Develapp. 

Launched in 2016, Develapp has spent the past several years breaking ground and initiating new market trends with their innovative MonumenT software, allowing website developers to reimagine what it takes to develop an application environment. As 2020 continues to prove that anything can happen, Slosar pushed three new application products into the Apple and Google Play stores on behalf of industries everywhere. 

Innovative micro-application environments nested together allow brands to essentially rent a digital space of which they control entirely. Channel Owners configure content and leverage seamless communication points from a simple user interface, all for their own benefit. From the users invited into the groups and communities, to which feeds are promoted, and even the revenue from their advertisers.

Fan Club App: Geared towards the public influencer – any organization, group, artist, or celebrity can funnel their fans into their personally branded channels. With features like private-public toggles, creatives find a dual benefit of communicating to fans as well as organizing team mates, vendors, promoters, and more. 

Other features allow influencers to sell tickets and merchandise through synchronized feeds, extending the ecommerce capacity beyond the reach of their website. Channel owners can directly promote new or showcase content, bringing many artists their first access to income since concerts and festivals shut down with COVID-19 precautions. 

Develapp: For brands and organizations that don’t necessarily have fans, but still want the value of the internal and external communication infrastructure, Develapp offers channel categories spanning from Civic Leadership to Restaurants and Non Profits. 

The simple nesting amenity allows even the most complex organizations such as healthcare administrators or franchise owners segment users in custom groups, allowing push notifications to be hyper personalized. 

ISD Connect: With a specialized focus for the sensitive needs of communication for public and charter schools in the United States, ISD Connect affords schools a unique access experience for on-boarding and configuration. 

With Superintendents holding supervisor access to channels, and every principal, teacher, faculty, and staff moderating their own segmented groups, communication can rapidly reach the right stakeholders at the right time. Parents can enjoy an aggregated experience with all the different teachers, links, and online resources in one place, no matter how many students are enrolled in the school district. 

Bringing it to the Market

Regardless of which product and audience segmentation strategy works best for your business, the fundamental goals of accessing affordable digital environments is more attainable than ever. 

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