Developing Apps Amidst an AntiTrust Battle

Developing Apps Amidst an AntiTrust Battle

Epic Games v Apple has brought businesses to the edge of their seats as the future of in-application purchases and application growth models dangle in the public eye.  In an era when website traffic is drowned out by ads, and social media seems to be imploding, application development may be brands’ best chance to reach their audience. But now with increased visibility of the Apple and Google Play store business models and the cost of ownership for applications, affordability is a barrier that spans across industries. 

In 2020 the average cost of developing a basic application is around $25,000, with a complex application pushing $75,000. This only covers the development cost, and does not consider the fees collected by Apple and Google Play when in-application purchases are made. Maintenance costs including 30% purchase fees to the store plus internal overhead or retainers for third party vendors to keep the application updated and free of bugs is enough to keep many small businesses and entrepreneurs from having an application they control. 

So what is the solution? Some experts say circumventing the need for a mobile application through emerging technologies such as PWA’s (progressive web application) is the way to go. However, we see worldwide trends where emerging digital markets are exclusively geared towards mobile traffic, not modified desktop experiences. 

The founders of Develapp have an alternative solution: nesting micro-applications within an already published (and maintained) mobile application environment that is globally available. 

Within the Develapp or FCA products, businesses and entrepreneurs can find total control of communicating to audiences without algorithm interference or long-tail cost structures that inhibit rapid growth. Best of all – by using our innovative feeds feature you can extend the shopping experience and transaction services that you already have in place to your channel in the application.

This application-as-a-service model revolutionizes access and affordability for the mobile experience industry, but also raises standards for private businesses empowering brands to operate at a higher level. Nesting channels together is reminiscent of shopping malls and TV stations where brands found success by all coming together. 

“We wanted to provide something that was fundamentally different, and fundamentally familiar. I’ve spent my entire career as an entrepreneur battling against all the red tape and barriers to enter a market, and am proud to offer a path to the future for modern businesses.” 

Michael Slosar, CEO of Develapp.

Slosar has kept a vision in mind to conquer hurdles instead of taking the easy road, not just for his own product, but also paving a way for businesses around the world. He continues,

“We will continue to reduce the cost and complexity barriers in the mobile app development space, so everyone can see their app dreams become reality.”

It’s unclear what the future of applications will look like, but with Fortnight already kicked off the playing field for pushing back, it is only a matter of time before countless other brands and industries follow. Develapp is ready to help show that you don’t have to be one of the world’s most popular games to have the opportunity to step out on your own too.

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