Since 2014


In 2014 Michael Slosar and Joe Mitchell founded Branded Web Services LLC with one goal in mind: to make mobile apps achievable to every person on the planet. They spent many hours deliberating how to achieve this and by mid-2015 Develapp® LLC was launched.
By 2017 Develapp® was already on its third generation of software and bolting in many powerful features. Building and publishing more apps for more customers led to us redefining our customer service. Although it was easy to build apps, the ever-changing rules and challenges associated with the app stores set Develapp® on a path to shield clients from those headaches.
When 2018 arrived, Develapp® was ready to unleash the largest software and service advancement since inception. MonumenT was released in the middle the of the year and Develapp® rapidly propelled the awareness starting in the Asia Pacific.
Now, what started as a small venture between two friends has grown into a global family with offices in three countries. Develapp® serves businesses, web developers, agents, partners, and non-profits in 26 countries, and is constantly expanding into new markets. Our continued commitment to features, industry-leading service, and the most flexible cost-effective mobile app solutions has allowed us to achieve our original goal: making mobile apps attainable for every person on the planet.


Joe Mitchell

Chairman / Founder

Michael Slosar

CEO / Founder

Ernie Mitchell

Global Operations Director / Founder

Blake Kent

Vice President

John R Eltringham

General Counsel / VP Business Development

Craig Clemons

Director of Business
Develapp Musicians

Jane Walton

Director of Operations APAC

M. Alejandro Solis

VP of Technology

Teryn Grater

Financial Advisor

Adrian Pedroso

Senior 3D Artist

Jaidelyne Masicat

Lead Designer

Kamille Pilar

Jr. Front End Developer

Joemer Catalan

Jr. Software Engineer

A. Joe Mitchell


A. Joe Mitchell, Jr. is an serial entrepreneur, businessman, and investor, and was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Ernst & Young in 1998.

With a degree from Oklahoma State University in Architectural Engineering, Mr. Mitchell has been inducted into the prestigious OSU College of Engineering Hall of Fame and has also received the OSU “Distinguished Alumni Award.” Mr. Mitchell was also awarded an “Honorary Business Degree” from the OSU Spears School of Business. Both Joe and his wife Connie have been on OSU’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Joe and Connie have helped more than 100 students obtain higher education degrees through their philanthropic support. Their generosity to OSU resulted in the naming of the “Joe and Connie Mitchell Academic Enhancement Center” in their honor.

Born in Perryton, Texas and starting out as a newspaper delivery boy, Mr. Mitchell has started and/or help developed and finance many businesses throughout his career across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, oil & gas services, software, insurance, construction, manufacturing, land development, and trucking logistics. He also is an avid rancher and devoted family man.

In 1982, Mr. Mitchell founded his first company, ClayDesta Communications, which grew to over $100 million in revenue. In 1987, he founded the wholesale division of Telecom USA, which grew to $400 million in revenue before going public. In 1989, Mr. Mitchell (and wife Connie) founded VarTec Telecom on their kitchen table. With innovative marketing the company grew to over $2 billion in revenue with 8,500 employees in fourteen countries.

Other companies which Mr. Mitchell has founded (or an early stage investor) include Bosque Systems ($100 million+, O&G services), Expert TA (AI grading software), 3 Star Daylighting (O&G transport), CompSci (software development), Red Stag Logistics (milk transport), Ramteq (industrial manufacturing), MitMar Land (development), Texas Republic Insurance (life insurance), RevitalU ($100 million+ network marketing), and 10xXx Ranch (wildlife & cattle).

In 2014, Mr. Mitchell and Michael Slosar founded Branded Web Services LLC, the parent company of Develapp LLC.

Michael Slosar


Michael Slosar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience to his credit. He co-founded his first company in 1998, a web design and hosting firm that helped businesses create and maintain their very first websites in the pre-WordPress era. In the years after he helped launch a number of other ventures, including a computer peripherals company focused on bringing one of the first backlit keyboards to market, as well as a custom automotive restoration and fabrication company.

In 2006, Michael and his wife relocated from Seattle to Dallas to start a family. With hardly any contacts in the area, he pursued his real estate license with hopes it would expose him to connected and accomplished people. As fate would have it, one these individuals wound up being Joe Mitchell, with whom he co-founded Develapp in 2014.

Happily married to his high school sweetheart, Michael and his wife have two boys and two dogs. He enjoys all things automotive, golfing, hunting and grilling. With his family descending from Croatia and his wife Native American, the Slosar family enjoys mapping out its genealogy and finding ways to get involved in its respective communities.

Ernie Mitchell


As Global Operations Director, Ernie Mitchell leverages his 20 years of experience working for corporate giants such as AT&T and USAA to help manage Develapp’s workforce and global expansion. His skills include setting up operations, human resources and recruiting specialized employees. Mr. Mitchell’s experiences have led him all over the world. Over his career he’s built out and operated contact Centers with 1,000+ employees in India, Philippines and Mexico. For his assignment in India, he was tasked with directing the build and hiring process for a multi-billion-dollar US company. Given only three months to go live, he accomplished his goal on time.

When Ernie is not traversing the globe, he enjoys spending time with family, especially fishing with his grandkids. He loves to travel by car to different locations to see the US up close and personal. He also loves going to college football games in the fall.

Blake Kent


Blake Kent is an Army veteran with experience in multiple fields. He served as a medic on active duty for seven years during which time he was deployed to Iraq twice. While serving Blake gained experience in leadership, management, and strategic planning as well as, logistics where he spent time focusing on mitigating costs without compromising services.

In 2012, Blake left the Army to pursue his education at OSU majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with minors in microbiology and chemistry. After completing his studies in December 2015 he worked with a company to assist in closing their business and resolve accounts.

In 2017, Blake was approached by a local school to serve as a long-term substitute in mathematics and science while the school recruited a full-time teacher. Within two months the administration requested that he commit to continuing the remainder of the school year and requested an emergency certification on his behalf. After approval he began the process of obtainIng his standard teaching certification to continue providing rigorous instruction in the community he served. At the end of his third year, 2019 – 2020 school year, Blake resigned from his teaching position in order to transition to Develapp to bring MonumenT Edu to the educational community which he still wishes to serve.

Blake is happily married to his wife of twelve years, Brady. He and Brady love to travel when time allows and have made it a goal to visit the Great Barrier Reef while there is still time left. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors especially hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and golfing.

John R. Eltringham


John R. Eltringham is Develapp’s general counsel. A Washington native, his legal background includes two decades of transactional business, litigation and trial experience. Additionally, he has served as corporate/general counsel for a range of established and start-up companies with a focus on exotic car businesses and rallies.

Mr. Eltringham boasts experience in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, commercial leases, commercial litigation and intellectual property, as well as civil and criminal misdemeanor and felony traffic and non-traffic matters. In 2002, John oversaw the acquisition of Dicom Imaging Systems by Reality Networks, Inc., as Interim Sole Officer and Director, reviewing all documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, drafting and reviewing the PPM, and maximizing shareholder return on investment.

When John is not in the courtroom or boardroom he can often be found behind the wheel of an exotic sports car. A certified gearhead, he appeared in Season 1 of the popular SPIKE/SpeedTV BULLRUN rally TV series and can also be found in several DVD movies based on car rallies released by Mischief (

John earned his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law in 1997

Scott Brandt


Scott Brandt boasts 30+ years of experience in architecting and implementing solutions. He has worked with distributed systems throughout his career, primarily with real-time embedded systems and near-real-time data collection and delivery.

In addition to his role as Develapp CTO, Mr. Brandt is CEO of CompSci, LLC, a Technology Services and Product Development company that provides insights and strategies to its clients by simplifying industry jargon and pulling back the curtain on the “magic” of applied solutions. Prior to founding CompSci, LLC., he served as President of MentorTek, Inc, which provided product development services with service in FinTech, IoT and Distributed Applications. He’s also served as VP of Engineering at Positive Software Systems and held a number of different roles in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to furthering his knowledge about technologies, Scott enjoys reading and playing golf. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from the University of North Texas.

Craig Clemons


Craig Clemons is C-suite executive with extensive sales, marketing, business development and leadership experience in diverse companies including three Fortune 500 companies to include Anheuser-Busch, Frito Lay, Walmart, Williams Co. and recently served as Vice President for Express Employment Pros – a $3.46 billion organization with 65,000 clients. His brand/marketing accomplishments have received Wall Street Journal front-page coverage. Mr. Clemons has worked with many CEOs and international business leaders (including T. Boone Pickens, Robert A. Funk, Harold Hamm) as well as key artists (including Garth Brooks, Deryl Dodd, Ty England, Michael Martin Murphey) to grow audiences, improve cash flow and advance audience impact. Mr. Clemons is a passionate keynote speaker, owns a publishing company, is a published singer/songwriter and a member of ASCAP.

Jane Walton

Director of Operations APAC

From her post in the Philippines, Jane Walton uses her insights, experiences and contacts to foster key partnerships for Develapp in the Asia Pacific region. A veteran of the tech industry, Ms. Walton has worked for a bevy of major companies, including Dell, IBM and Accenture. She also works in commercial real estate and has taught hardware maintenance and management courses at vocational institutions. Outside the office, Jane is an animal lover and an animal rights advocate.

M. Alejandro Solis


As senior technology engineer, M. Alejandro Solis maintains and updates Develapp’s site and handles the back-end code of its many workflows. He has decades of experience in information technology and is proficient in Java, C, C++, Python, PHP, C# and some SQL database languages. Mr. Solis entered the workforce at 18 as an operator at a local call center. He quickly climbed the ladder to become the company’s IT manager. As IT manager, he was responsible for the physical maintenance of the server room, installing and updating Linux and Windows servers and updating the network’s infrastructure.

In addition to his work with Develapp, Mr. Solis is a professor at his alma mater, where he’s dedicated to helping students pursue their passions in a professional capacity. His other interests include spending time with his young son and playing video games — particularly single-player games where he can immerse himself in the stunning visuals.

Teryn Grater


Teryn Grater is a partner at the public accounting firm of ATKG LLP and specializes in tax and consulting work for closely-held businesses and family groups.  She has over 27 years of experience in areas such as finance, real estate, manufacturing, oil & gas, family offices, retail and professional services.

She earned her CPA license while beginning her career with Ernst & Young in San Antonio. Teryn later turned her attention from public accounting to work for investment firm Silver Ventures, as its Tax Director and Controller. Teryn’s love to travel got paired with work as she rejoined the offices of EY, this time in the Johannesburg, South Africa office.  She completed her MBA while there from the University of Wales/Manchester Business School.

Teryn is active in many organizations outside of ATKG. She is a past board member and Finance Chair of the San Antonio Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). She is a board member and past Development Chair for Women’s Global Connection, an organization whose mission is to promote the learning and leadership capacity of women locally and globally. She was a recipient of the 2017 San Antonio Business Journal Women’s Leadership Award.

She loves the combination of working on growing her own business, while at the same time helping her clients with their business issues and growth.

Adrian Pedroso


Jaidelyne Masicat


Jaide Masicat is our lead web and mobile designer. A graduate of the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities in the Philippines, she’s proficient at graphic design as well as converting PSDs to HMTL and CSS. Her skills were sharpened during her stint as a graphic designer trainee for Maverick Heroes. In her free time, Jaide enjoys playing online games, competing in chess and reading materials related to her field.

Kamille Pilar


Joemer Catalan