Micro Applications
With Purpose

Every Business Can Leverage a Micro Application

What is a micro application exactly? Many of you use micro applications all the time on streaming services (like AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, etc.) that allows content providers to syndicate from within a parent application. Develapp does the same with a slight twist as it was designed specifically for small-to-medium businesses, and organizations around the world.

Brand Visibility with Free Users Access

Just like on your streaming services, the users can locate any of the brands that have a micro application. One key difference is that your users can install Develapp and use it free of charge. Another advantage of being inside an OTT (over the top) Network is over time you can grow your customer base as you have much more visibility than if you had your own stand-alone app in the store.

Say Goodbye to Social Network Bias

Your micro application comes with the ability to launch your own public and private social media platform. We have felt for years now that social media without control is dangerous for businesses, so we provide you 100% control, 100% exposure, and zero bias from outside influences.

Monetization That Actually Works

Whether you use push notifications for re-engagement, or the built-in advertising banner system your exposure to your customers increases by 88%. Traditional social platforms restrict your exposure to 12% at best. Your micro application provides amazing advertising opportunities. In minutes you can upload a banner, adjust its visibility, and even syndicate a preferred landing page link allowing your customers to never leave your micro application. Best of all, if you leverage this with 3rd party suppliers, or partners you can choose what to charge for their banner, and how they pay you.

Private Messengers

Provide better support by using private messengers so every customer or user of your micro application can get answers efficiently. There are restrictions in place that prevent customer to customer chatting so you can rest assured all conversations are controlled and visible to your organization’s management.

OTT Feeds

Do you have other content around the web that needs to be syndicated inside your micro application? By utilizing OTT Feeds, you can syndicate any content sources you have directly from where it is stored in real-time. This is great for websites, document access, e-commerce, HR logins, and more. In fact, within seconds, you can syndicate practically anything that is accessible on the internet.

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