Music Industry Annoucement

What entertainment industry leaders are doing to connect fans to artists in a time of staying home:

Released by Develapp®
Written by Michelle Keefer
CLEBURNE, TX – For the past 6 years local entrepreneur Michael Slosar has been building an innovative technology platform to disrupt social media as we know it. As COVID19 was turning the world upside down, the Founder and CEO of Develapp segmented resources to offer a seamless way for artists, musicians, athletes, and celebrities to connect with their fans in a time when concerts and stadiums are empty, and we’re all stuck at home.
After a series of requisite meetings, music and entertainment industry titans recognized what a unique opportunity Fan Club Apps (FCA) gives to break through all the distractions and noise of traditional social media and find a better way to connect with fans at home, and even pay the bills in a season when concerts and other forms of revenue aren’t an option. Slosar found himself in the right place at the right time, with a multi-year tested technology platform that had the capacity to rapidly develop an innovative solution for this space.
Now, more than 15 industry leaders from around the United States have gathered to form an advisory committee to help steer this product into the hands of performers, athletes, celebrities and social influencers and even professional bull riders.
Why is this solution the perfect tool to unite audiences and entertainment, in what most are referring to as an impending “new normal” even post COVID19 precautions? Because this app will allow us to communicate directly with our favorite stars in a secure, frictionless environment where live music streams, merchandise, sneak peaks, and more can be delivered directly to fans that have opted in to their favorite celebrity apps. No algorithms, no noise, just authentic content.
FCA has become more than just a unique solution for streaming content in hyper personalized ways, it’s turning into a movement that is powering connectivity in a way that has people buzzing with anticipation.
“As a working musician that depends on a fan base to financially support my income, online marketing and sales is paramount to life. In the current age of digital downloads, self marketing and social media, I want to be in control of what my listening audience has access to online.” says JJ Lester, singer/songwriter that was one of the first to join the movement.
“The current popular social media platforms dictate my reach to the people that follow me. FCA is the only platform that gives me the freedom to control my content, sales, online concerts and privileges to my fan base. To say you can get that from anywhere else is nonsense” Lester continues.
“As we emerge from a pandemic we become stronger and more aware. People come together to make an impact to fix what’s wrong, and many are donating valuable time alongside us. In order to move quickly I feel that it is vital to deeply discount our technology to help get people connected again in a new way that addresses the new normal, and protects them better looking to the future should a catastrophic event emerge again. We are committed to this FCAMOVEMENT even if that means sacrificing profits in the process, because at the end of the day helping people in times like this it should not be about profit” says Slosar.
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