Terms of Service

Develapp® Terms of Service

Last Updated: June 1, 2018

Be courteous and contribute positively. If you’re not contributing to the forums in a positive manner, you may receive a warning or have your account temporarily or permanently closed.

Use the search functions. The DEVELAPP® Forums have lots of users. Chances are, someone has already asked the same question you may have.

Stay on topic. Our membership encourages open discussion and debate as long as it relates to the topic of the thread at hand. Posts that do not relate to the original purpose or topic of the thread may be moved to a more appropriate location.

Don’t advertise (SPAM). DEVELAPP® is a developer community that promotes open discussion among its members. It is not operated as a service for promotion of your site, product or service. DEVELAPP® does not allow ads in your signature, ‘stealth’ marketing, etc. These are quickly reported by our members and will result in banning and possibly blocking of site/product/service’s name from the DEVELAPP® Forums. (Blocked URLs may be redirected to DEVELAPP’s® Site ).

Don’t cross-post on the forums. Just post once. Posting a question or comment in multiple forums is annoying to other members and, if flagged, may be removed as a duplicate.

Use the “Report Bad Post” button to report inappropriate posts. It’s located at the bottom left of every post on the site. It immediately alerts the moderators. The truth will set you free. You may want to make a point but don’t stretch the truth. Make sure what you write is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and if you used technical information from another resource, give credit where credit’s due, and be sure to reference the source.

Respect copyrighted information. Selling or trading illegally copied materials is a federal offense; if reported or otherwise notified of such actions, DEVELAPP® may report such piracy to copyright holders and appropriate agencies. Copying information from other Web sites hurts those sites’ ability to generate revenue. Harassment and flame-wars burn everyone. Be courteous. Just ignore those members that can’t discuss topics professionally.

Positive interactions between developers. The Develapp® Network encourages members to engage in the wide variety of services represented on the Forums. Open dialogue between professions promotes better understanding and working relationships. Please note, members that engage in attacking a specific field within that field’s forum may receive a warning or be banned from that forum. Forum members should encourage positive discussion between the members.

Images / Videos / Code samples: No pornographic, sexually explicit, harassing or degrading images are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, strategically covered nudity, sheer or see-through clothing, lewd or provocative poses. You are responsible for any images posted as DEVELAPP® does not review any images or videos submitted to its Forums.

Kill trolls quickly. If you find a member that is clearly trolling, do not engage them (that’s what they want). Instead, please report their post. If you engage with a troll, you may receive a warning and/or more serious repercussions, such as a temporary or permanent ban.

TROLLS AND SPAMMERS BEWARE. Trolling and spamming interferes with operation of our site. Those who troll or spam are trespassing on our network. DEVELAPP® will take any and all legal and technical remedies to prevent trolling and spamming of our network.

Once you’ve posted on the site, it’s there forever. Only in extreme rare and limited circumstances will DEVELAPP® accept requests to delete posts you have made. Even if we can remove a post that you regret posting.

Don’t delete mail with the SPAM button. Members that indiscriminately use their email account’s “SPAM” button instead of the “Delete” or “Archive Mail” button will receive a warning and/or more serious repercussions, such as a temporary or permanent ban.

Don’t be a poser. Chances are you’re not the creator of content … and everyone knows it. Impersonation is a crime in some regions. But if you are a creator let us know! Request a “Verified” badge from us so members know your status when you answer forum questions.

No sockpuppeting. Just use one account. Multiple accounts are at risk of being banned and future registration blocked.

Be sure to have fun! The educational process can be frustrating sometimes. We’re all in it together and we’re here to help each other. So, pull up a chair and enjoy the DEVELAPP® Forums.

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